Tatiana Schwarz

Tatiana Schwarz (born in 1976) was a commercial trainee with a software company. After that she gained experience working for the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation, Advico Young & Rubicam, Logodata and Büro 10, among others. As well as taking a number of specialist further training courses, she also became an instructor responsible for training apprentices for the Swiss Commercial Employees‘ Association. She has worked in PR since the year 2000 and successfully took her Federal Diploma to become a state-qualified PR professional at the Swiss Public Relations Institute. Since 2010 she has also worked for the media service of the municipal police in Winterthur. In 2012 she completed her training as a Social Media Manager at Somexcloud, the Social Media Academy.

Advising clients, media work, product PR and organising and conducting photo-shoots and PR events are her special areas of interest.

A native speaker of French and German, Tatiana Schwarz also has a good knowledge of English. In her free time, she is a keen kite surfer and is always on the look out on her travels for fantastic spots with perfect wind conditions. Ever since her childhood, Tatiana Schwarz has also played a great deal of tennis, and for some years she has been an active member of the Kloten Tennis Club.