Media work
The media landscape is changing. The traditional media are being joined by new, faster media spawned by the Internet. We are familiar with the new media landscape, and we keep up-to-date with it. Do you have a message to get out or a product to position? To achieve this goal requires a coordinated media mix, pithy text that is appropriate for the target group, and eye-catching images. Putting together a package like that is an integral part of our repertoire.

Perhaps your problem is just a small one. One that has been simmering for a long time. For example, a logo that is no longer modern and does not suit your company any more. Or perhaps you will suddenly have a really big problem, tomorrow. One that you want to solve as quickly as possible. Imagine a crisis which could hit your company. Withdrawing faulty products, dismissing staff. We can advise you not only on developing a logo and a corporate identity but also on what to do in a crisis and how to get back to normal.

Campaign planning
Unless you have a structured plan, it can be easy for your budget not to be invested but simply to be spent. A well thought-through plan can avoid that. From the initial order to the final feedback, we support you from start to finish.

Thinking of a good solution and then having a great plan are no good by themselves. Solutions and plans have to be put into practice. We’re happy to help you with that, right through to the end of the process. When we reach the limits of our own capabilities, we can call on a carefully selected network of specialist partners. Photographers, caterers, graphic designers and typographers, web designers, film and media experts – we have tried and trusted contacts with whom we stay in regular touch.

Project management
Using your own manpower helps greatly in keeping project costs down. We are happy to work in a team with your own employees on communication, public relations, promotions, marketing and events-related projects. While you benefit from our outsiders‘ perspective, we benefit from the expertise of your most valuable resource.